The Solution to All Your Problems

You know what's really great?

Adele turned twenty-one and she came out with a new album.

It will make you deliriously happy.

Even if all you are getting these days is bad news.

It is so good that when she is singing and your husband is kissing you so deep and so hard, reality and entropy and unemployment and certain disaster and all their horrid cousins will magically disappear.  Your brains and your worries and your anxieties and the part of you that knows better will melt together and be sucked right out, leaving only a hot, throbbing joy pumping through your veins.

It will make you remember all the good parts of life.

Even if your husband starts crying on the way to the post office because he only wants to go back to work instead of running errands with you.

It is so good that it will make you forget that life can be hard, and instead make you start to dream that the future is as bright as resurrection morning. 

Even if the bad news only got worse this week, and you find yourself sitting across the couch from your one and only trying to calmly list your dwindling options and sort your priorities.  A roof.  Food on the table.  

It is so good it will make you want to throw a garden party with giant bowls of pasta salad and individual glass lemonade bottles and paper lanterns strung up in the trees.

Even if you are running out of time and after watching the last six months drag impossibly slow, you are now in a race with the calendar that is moving surely and swiftly towards summer, when everything will come apart for sure.

It is so good it will make you believe that anything is possible.

And that is only track 1.  Just wait till you get to the second half.  You will swear salvation is at hand.

Turn it up.