Adrift in September

Well, unbelievably we have made it to the first weekend in September.

And it just happens to be a minor holiday weekend.  Thank heavens.  It also happens that it's going to be 112 degrees farenheit for most of it.  Thank hell, I suppose.

I wrote a post on Monday that I ended up removing just because it never really said what I needed it to...if you thought that was bad, here is some more evidence that I am indeed floundering:

 1.  Today I took Ethan to the pediatrician.  (He was suffering from sick-of-school, disguised as a sore throat.)  Ethan's pediatrician used to be my pediatrician and so he always asks about me (how are you?  how are you really?  have you seen the doctor recently?  they have new medicine for that now, etc).

This morning he asked, "How are you?"


He tried again.  "How are you?"

I sighed.  "Tired."

He looked over at Ethan.  "Isn't he supposed to be in school?  Aren't they all in school now?"


"Then why are you so tired?  What do you have to do all day?"

That seems to be the million dollar question, doesn't it?

2.  The other day I was shuttling kids around town in my car when I overheard a conversation between Savannah and her friend.  (Technically we were in David's car, but we've traded cars--as you'll see--until the weather cools down.)

Savannah's friend asked why we were driving a different car.

Savannah said, "Our other car gets too hot so my mom and dad traded."

"But doesn't your dad get hot when he drives it?"

"Yeah, but he's nice."


The worst part:  it's totally true.

3.  On the first day of September I worked on my budget.  I thought I had pretty much let it lapse all through the summer and wanted to get back on track.  I turned to a new sheet and starting filling in the boxes for the month and then turned back to find out what the ending balance on the last sheet was. 

It said "DECEMBER 2009"

Well.  No wonder.   

4.  This morning I tried to have a serious discussion with David about my floundering, to get to the bottom of it as it were. 

I said, "I'm struggling.  I know you don't want to hear that, but I'm struggling."

"With what?"

I paused, trying to put it succinctly.

He interrupted, "With how awesome you are?"

"Yes,"  I said, irritated, "with how awesome I am.  It is such a struggle to be this awesome."

But he just sucked on my neck and laughed.