Scouring the Country for Bacon

On Sunday morning I packed David's bag.

He was headed across the country to bring home the bacon.

I got a tutorial from my dad (the expert) on how to pack a business suitcase and arrive without a single wrinkle.  I was pretty brilliant at it.

I picked David up late last night.  He was exhausted and smiling and wrinkle-free.

As we lay in bed Saturday night I asked him if he was nervous.  He said no.  But when I picked him up last night he had a cold sore.  (A sure sign of stress, a dead give-away...but I didn't let on.)

He also had a mind full of things to say and process, a carry-on bag full of laundry and dry-cleaning, and a camera full of pictures of a quaint downtown, rolling hills, houses with trees out front, and even a barn or two for me.

I expect this will be our new kind of normal for a while.  Me packing and praying and picking up.  Him exploring the country's various airports while sporting new cold sores on his handsome, not-nervous face.

I cried a little when I dropped him off on Sunday.  Overwhelmed a bit, I guess, that he would do all this for us.

Even if he wasn't nervous.

Not one little bit.

[This morning when I served cold cereal for breakfast Savannah said, "I thought Dad was bringing home bacon."  Ha!  I'm still smiling about it.]