"Then the Charm is Firm and Good"

We made the most of our Halloween weekend.  And you can bet we did all the usual verbs in the spookiest way possible: carve, feast, fry, light, roast, dress, comb, watch, howl, dance, parade, read, serve, laugh, kiss. 

We threw a party for our neighborhood that involved more brats and buns and sauerkraut than you can imagine. 

There was a fishing pond, a costume contest, a monster mash, and a dunk tank. 

And my children went to bed believing that their parents are magic, that they alone found the very best tricks and treats, and that the world is a very fine place...even on the scariest night of the year.     






(Olivia was very specific.  And Savannah's make-up was the most fun to do.  Obviously...on both accounts.)

(I am personally responsible for the gun holster and the blow-dry.  Some of my best work, no?)

(In ninety-degree weather, they don't last long.)