Why It Is Good to Marry Well

It was a rough night.

My body, never easy to live with, is especially sensitive to stress, and with the filling calendar and the abrupt change in our schedule back to real life, it is back to its old tricks.

Its old tricks with whipped cream on top.

I rose to read scriptures with my children, grateful it was over.

Then there was the morning dance routine where I gracefully lept from pouring milk and juicing oranges to combing hair and finding socks and lunch money.  Today's performance was one of my best...there was a grand jete in there that would have blown your mind.

Then I went to find my shoes and found this instead.

It looked like Christmas morning to me.  Love embodied.  The grand gesture, as it were.

I went and found David and thanked him properly.  He just smiled at me and his eyebrows told me that he understands more than I think he does.

And on a day like today, after a night like that, it is very good to have married so well.

Plus on my way out of the room he felt me up just to let me know that he thinks my old sweats and camp t-shirt look amazing with day old mascara and that that perfect grand jete did not go without notice.

It is very good indeed.