O, Canada

I spent today tugging my children in and out of their wet suits and toasting smores over our beach campfire.

The stuff of my dreams.

We woke to sunny skies.  The best omen of all.

And so we hauled nearly everything in the house to the beach and spent the day together in the ocean.

It was one of those days I wish I could live over and over again.

We swam, and boogie-boarded, and flew the kite.

I rode my rented beach cruiser from one end of the bay to the other and climbed the jagged rocks that surrounded it.

I swallowed a hotdog with mustard and sand, and a gallon of the ice-cold Pacific.

And my children played,

and played,

and played.

Tonight when I heard David's breathing slowing down for sleep, I tucked my head next to his and whispered, "Did you know it was going to be this good?"

Eyes closed, he gave me a satisfied grin. 

O, Canada.