Last Night I Dreamed of Kalamazoo

Last night I dreamed that David took a new job in Kalamazoo and then turned into an orca whale and could no longer speak English.  I chased him as far as I could into the ocean, but eventually had to head for shore.

I woke up in the heat.  And was both disappointed and relieved.

I've lost all my motivation.

For everything. 

I keep looking at my kitchen and trying to talk myself into scrubbing it.

I need a motive.  I look through my old motivators, searching for reinforcements.

Number 1:  A smidge of OCD

RIM pipes up, "It would be clean."

All I can think is, "So?"

Number 2:  Food

"You'd have dishes to eat on."

All I can think is, "It's too hot to eat."  That's when I hatch a plan involving popsicles for dinner.  No dishes required.

Number 3:  Target

"As soon as you get your work done you can go to Target."

All I can think is, "I'm not leaving this house til the sun goes down.  Or it's September.  Whichever comes first."  It'll probably be September.

Number 4 (the fail safe):  Sex

RIM gives it one more try, "Nothing's sexier than a clean kitchen."

All I can think is, "What?  Now that's just crazy.  You didn't seriously think I'd fall for that did you?"

Besides it's too hot for sex.

Then again, I'd be naked.  (Ideally.)