Checking Off the List

It's time to start making some serious progress on my list. 

Checking things off rather than adding more.  (Or worse, watching old episodes of Arrested Development rather than doing either.)  Our road trip is supposed to commence in two days and we are far from ready. 

Speaking of checking things off...

On Wednesday night, David and I went out to dinner.  We sat in a booth and while I ate a mushroom ravioli that was so good I started moaning just a little and David ate an aged New York Strip, we talked about our lives.  The past, the present, the future.

When we got to the future part I told David my plans to be published.  Nothing new here.  We have the same discussion every birthday and anniversary.  I imagine we'll be having the same one fourteen years from now.  David tried to be interested, again.  And supportive, as always.

He said, "I'd like to get rid of at least one of those regrets.  You know, 'Check.'  Cross one off the list.  Then it could be 'The One Regret.'" 

I cringed a bit inwardly that my blog title has clearly caused him some pain.

And cringed even more that of my two regrets, to him the thought of me writing a book and getting published (a monumental, excruciating, and impossible task) seems easier to accomplish than for me to stop hurting the ones I love. 

And this morning after I flipped him off on his way to work, I acknowledged sadly, that he is quite right.