Not So Subtle Product Placement

You know that part in History of Love when Alma tells us "a hundred things can change your life"?

Well this is one.

We have started preparations for our road trip.

Which, ironically, involves lots of other trips: to the bookstore, the pharmacy, the post office, the salon, and the library.  It means doing a serious shopping trip to Target and getting the car in for an oil change and general pick-me-up.

Yesterday as we were traipsing in and out of the car in the heat, Ethan begged for reprieve.

And I answered him with things like, "Just a few more stops" and "Hang in there" and "We're almost done" and "I don't want to be here either, but you don't hear me complaining" and "Do you want to go to Canada?", progressively deteriorating from peppy cheerleader to blackmailing matriarch.  It wasn't pretty.

But at the last stop, as I was filling the cart with after-sun aloe and bobby pins and (plenty of) dramamine, I found this:

Which doesn't look like much, but which changed my life last night.

(I am so not exaggerating.)

And so if you live with a man who snores and you enjoy both laying next to him all night and sleeping in peace and quiet (two of life's greatest pleasures), then this will change your life as well. 

Just think of all the ways this blog is blessing your life.

I know.

You can thank me later.