Adieu, To You and You and You

You deserve better than this.

You deserve a long and lovely post featuring a picture of my new hair.

Maybe a post "by the numbers" where I talk about the 6 inches I cut off my hair and, by so doing, found myself again.

Or maybe the one I wrote in my head where O'Dell and Bernina laughed their heads off at me as I unpicked my latest quilt for the third time.

Or even one of the many conversations between CIM and RIM as I ran my kids between t-ball and orchestra and softball, all on the same night.  They've both had just about enough, and are making their disapproval known.

But it's late.

And I've been sewing for days. 

Tonight I packed up Bernina and searched madly through the fabric piles in my sewing room for my good dressmaker shears and walking foot.  Tomorrow I am off to quilt retreat.

There will be a new post here on Monday.

I'm sure it will be worth the wait.