A Salt Lake City Invitation

Last night Rachel and I were supposed to teach a body image class, but she had a fever.

And so I was a one man band.

Running the computer and talking at the same time, and trying to remember her lines on top of all that. 

When I got home David met me at the door and asked with concern, "How did it go?"  He was expecting the worst.

I shrugged, which is short for "it could have been worse, but it also certainly could have been better."

I sighed, "Sunday will be better."  And that is what I told myself all night when I couldn't sleep.  Sunday will be better.  Repeated over and over more like a prayer and a plea than a promise.

And that brings us to the part where I bless your life.  (And you thought we'd never get there.)


If you live in Salt Lake

Rachel and I are coming to give our body image presentation,

More Precious Than Rubies: Truths About Body Image in a World Full of Lies

This Sunday, November 8th at 7 p.m. at the Salt Lake Winder Stake Center,

4366 South 1500 East,

and you are cordially invited.

Bring your daughter if she's older than ten and we will try to bless her life as well.

Best of all,

Rachel will be fever-free and at her best (which you won't want to miss)

and I will be there only doing my lines (which should be better)

and if you already know me you can give me a bolstering hug because heaven knows I'll need it

and if we haven't met yet, we can, and then it will be just like old times.  Delightful, no?

So come, it will bless your life.  (I'm almost sure of it.)