SPT: Because of a Blogger, Tabletops

I almost forgot it was actually Tuesday, but I remembered just in time.

Lots of bloggers have changed my life in lots of beautiful ways...this week Lelly's challenge focuses on home decor and tabletop ideas we've been inspired by as we've traipsed through the homes and backyards of other bloggers.  As I vacuumed through my house today, I remembered this post that Barb wrote last fall.  When I read it, I thought it was so *brilliant* I immediately went out and bought these two candles and we joyfully copied her candlelight dinner tradition throughout our winter.  I hope to add a couple more candles this year (it was a bit dark last year) and can't wait for those dark evenings to creep up on us.

By the by, I find it quite appropriate that my tabletop is brighter per Barb, since reading about Barb's life has brought nothing but more *light* into my life.