Nothing Short of AMAZING

Okay, it's not really my place to make this announcement...but I thought you should know that my sister Rachel ran and finished the Noble Canyon 50 K (32.9 miles) on Saturday in less than 8 hours.

I'm hoping she'll post all the details, but until then, I just thought the whole world ought to stand there with their jaws hanging open in utter amazement.

The race took place near San Diego, and the other day I was joking with her that if I left my house by car at the same time she started running her race, I could actually beat her to the finish line.  This is an astoundingly long time to be RUNNING.

I think she is nothing short of AMAZING.

And brave.  So brave.

And did I mention amazing?  That too.

Congrats, Rara.  You can do anything.  Period.