Word of the Week{s}: Insouciant

Editor's note:  I wrote this post last week (as you can see from the time stamp), but could never figure out how to add pictures...squarespace changed everything up while I was "lost."  (Whatever happened to "if it's not broke, don't fix it"?)  Anyway, just so you know, all of this information is out-of-date.  I'm posting it anyway.  So there.

insouciant  /adj./  free from worry, concern, or anxiety.  unconcerned, undisturbed.  carefree and nonchalant.  debonair or jaunty.  easygoing, lighthearted.  heedless.  untroubled.  relaxed.  blithe.  breezy.

insouciant  /adj./  1.  My insouciant summer days are just about over.  Just 6 more days and we're going to be "back at it."  I told the kids last night that we ought to start practicing our "early to bed, early to rise routine," but none of us besides Caleb got out of bed before 7:30 this morning.  David, of course, was at work long before that and I think he is the only one looking forward to "normal life."  I, for one, am completely dreading it.

insouciant  /adj./  2.  My indiscriminant, insouciant, picture-taking days are also just about over.  My computer has been notifying me recently that my memory is running low and then today as I attempted to load a few hundred pictures from our Michigan trip onto the computer, it refused.  Since I've started blogging, I have taken so many more pictures of just about everything, insouciantly unaware that I would have to keep and store said pictures.  Now the question is what to keep and what to toss and how to load more memory onto my computer.  (Techinically, I guess that's three questions.)  And then there's the real question:  What am I going to do with all of  these photos after that

 insouciant  /adj./  3.  I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to get my "sea legs" back under me, filling the hours with laundry and housework, doctor appointments, getting the kids new backpacks and shoes and pants that fit, catching up on young women's, and slowly filling up the calendar.  We deep-cleaned the kids' drawers and threw out everything they could no longer wear and the kids spent a few insouciant afternoons earning money by scrubbing down the  baseboards and dusting the blinds.  Back to normal life.

insouciant  /adj./  4.  I took Olivia to the doctor last week with more breathing trouble, and he diagnosed her with asthma.  (A perfect word with all those suffocating consonants.)  A diagnosis we knew was inevitably coming, but which is still a bit daunting anyway.  Gone are her days of insouciant breathing and her albulterol inhaler has now joined David's in the red bin. 

insouciant  /adj./  5.  David and I went to two movies last weekend (The X Files, and The Dark Knight), completely abdicating our responsibilities and pretending we could do whatever we wanted.  We enjoyed them both immensely and had so much fun.  I think I could get quite used to the insouciant life.