Delivering the Ugly Truth

Ethan comes home just about every day and sings a new song or rhyme he's learned.  Today it was "Where is Thumbkin?", yesterday it was "Two Little Blackbirds."  (Please ignore the fact that he's just hearing these nursery rhymes for the first time...I'm trying hard not to think about it.)  I always join him halfway through and he always looks at me completely incredulous and says, "Do you know this song?"  "Of course," I say, "Moms know everything."

And then today over our corndog lunch, Ethan and I had this conversation:

E:  Mom, can my friend come over and play?

Me:  Sure.  Who's your friend?

E:  I can't remember his name.  Can you?

Me:  Nope.

E:  He sits at the yellow tables.

Me:  I still don't know who he is.  Do you know anything else about him?

E:  He likes Star Wars.

Me:  Oh.

E:  Now do you know who it is?

Me:  No.

E:  (getting really excited now) Oh!  And he likes me!  That's all I can remember.  Now do you know who it is?

Me:  Um, no.

E:  Mom, do you know what this means?

Me:  What?

E:  (whispering) You don't know everything.

And then he makes this face like he didn't want to be the one to break it to me, but there it is.  And I thought, boy howdy, you're not kidding.