For the Beauty of the Earth

I'm only a recital-photographer...the kind that pull their $200 camera out of their purse, usually only use the "auto" function, and snap a quick picture to document their brilliant child's proud moment.  That's me.  So at this point you really ought to lower your expectations exceedingly.  But, I did capture a few pictures of nature (while I'm out here in it) that are all filed under "Things We Don't Have in Arizona" or "The Difference Rain Can Make" or "April Goes to the Nature" or even "Why'd You Take All These Pictures of Plants?" 

I don't really know why.  They just made me pause and gave me a sense of awe.  So without further ado, here is my scrapbook of wonder.

Exhibit 1.  When my kids saw these they said, "I didn't know lilypads were real."  Exactly.


Exhibit 2. 


Exhibit 3.


Exhibit 4 and last.  One of my personal favorites.


Oh.  I forgot Exhibit 5.  Not really a picture of nature per se, but an amazing shot nonetheless as I snapped it going 50 miles per hour.  David was driving and did not think it was quite as awe-inspiring as I did.  I was all "Ooo, ooo, 000, " pointing out the window, and he was all "April," with his get-serious-sigh.  So we didn't stop, but I crowed for an hour about the picture I got anyway.  I still think in was quite a photographic achievement.