SP(Th): Elements of Summer, Sun

I'm not sure where Tuesday went, or Wednesday for that matter, but here's my SPT for the week...the first element of summer:  SUN.

I had David take this picture (you strict self-portraiters need to avert your eyes) at the Mackinac Island library.  Can you imagine reading in such a place?  The back doors of the library are open like this in the summer to reveal a charming boardwalk, complete with reading chairs and a perfect view of the water and a lighthouse.


The inside of the library is dark in this picture because it is being backlit by the sun through this doorway that leads right out to the beach, but it is in reality painted a vibrant turquoise blue with bright white molding that makes you feel like you are inside of a Fabrege egg.  I was right between drooling and crying.

Oh, and it also has a delicious fireplace for winter.  I would work here for free.