At the Border

I'm sitting at the computer in our hotel lobby in Amherst, NY.  We're on our way to Niagara Falls...just waiting for David to get back from the grocery store.  (He forgot his razor and the complimentary hotel one chewed up his face.  He spent an hour of so this morning staunching the bleeding.  Lovely.)

We crossed the border into Canada yesterday at Port Huron, on the eastern side of Michigan.  This part of Canada looked like Indiana to me, complete with the farms, the corn, and the golden wheat.  We stopped at Niagara last night before heading back across the New York border and made it just in time for the fireworks.  I've never been that up close and personal with fireworks and it was spectacular.  The kids were somewhere right between terrified and giddy.

It is so good to have David with us again.  When Olivia found out we were driving to Detroit to pick him up she said, "Oh good.  Then we can turn the navigator off!"   However independent I think I am, it's always a relief to be reunited.  I just don't live well without him.  Last night I had the first good night's sleep since he left. 

We're headed back across the border this morning...they say the Canadians have the best view of the falls.