SPT: Stars and Stripes Forever

Here is my last SPT for June...to complete the set.


I took this as we were driving through Indiana...not a great picture, but David didn't want to stop or slow down for a better one. 

My appreciation for this land of "stars and stripes forever" always grows when we do our big cross-country drives.  This land is big and beautiful and diverse, and I always say to David, "Look at all these places we could live.  Look at that little place over there.  Look at that farmhouse.  Look at these trees.  There is so much country out here."  He just shakes his head, and says, "Uh-huh" all distracted, like "Duh.  Obviously." 

But to me it is just amazing how much life, how many stories, how many main streets, how many corner grocers, how many kitchen tables there are.  And I forget.  Living in my little house and pulling into my one driveway, I forget how it could be different, how our story really would be different if we changed the scenery, and how many, many different ways and places there are to make a life.  

This is my country.  Land that I love.