Word of the Week: Dilatorily

dilatorily  /adv. /   tending to delay or procrastinate.  slow.  tardy.  intended to cause delay, gain time, or defer decision.  sluggishly.  unhurridly.  lazily.  leisurely.  poky.

dilatorily  /adv./  1.  Before I start, I am dilatorily adding a note about last week's word, "pettifog."  Soon after I posted the note about my children getting along so well, I heard them arguing in the pool over the "Marco Polo" rules.  I said, "Hey stop that pettifogging!"  They stared at me for a minute and burst into laughter.  That was the end of the argument, but perhaps Amy was right about not really being able to use it in "normal" conversation.

dilatorily  /adv./  2.  Our plan was to leave for Michigan very early Saturday  morning, and so I was supposed to spend most of the week getting ready to leave--returning the library books, cleaning house, prepping my applique for the trip, sorting out and delegating my young women's responsibilities, washing the laundry and packing it up, finding temporary housing for the bunny, etc.   But I dilatorily stalled until about Thursday, mostly doing nothing or just this and that, swimming, yoga, sitting on the couch to cool off for an hour after I ran errands.  I don't know where the days went, but by Thursday it was seriously time to hustle.  We made it though...left our house at 3:27 Saturday morning, all packed up and ready to go.


dilatorily  /adv./  3.  We made great time on the trip, as David is not one for dilatorily moseying his way along.  I kept trying to take pictures, but it was hard to capture anything at 75 miles an hour.  We only stopped twice each day for food and bathroom breaks and the closer we got to "home" to faster he wanted to go.  In fact, by the time we reached Benton Harbor last night, he was hardly willing to stop and let the kids go potty.  He haphazardly parked the car, taking up three parking spaces, (there was no time to park properly!) and made us all literally run into Steak and Shake.   What in the world? 


I just managed to catch the arch in the background as we drove through St. Louis, early Sunday afternoon.

dilatorily  /adv./  4.  When my Grandma Spencer (now 94) came for quilt retreat in April, she gave me a disc with her recently completed life history on it.  She asked me to edit it for her and send it back.  She called me on Thursday night and asked how it was going.  Um....yeah, I'll get right on that.  I had dilatorily pushed it aside thinking that after youth conference, and after school was out, and after Girls' Camp, I would surely get to it.  I assured her that it would be my next top priority, and so I spent most of the 30-hours drive across the country editing her history.  It is long (over 250 pages) and amazing.  I had to stop in the mid-80's, but only have about 70 pages left to read and edit.   If any of her posterity are reading this blog, I most want you to know what a great love she has for her family, how dedicated she was to Grandpa and her children, what a tremendous housekeeper and hostess she is, and how very brave I think she is.  Of course you know all that already, but it's really, really true.  Really.

dilatorily  /adv./  5.  Over the next month or so, my blogging (and commenting) may be dilatorily done, as I will be busy playing and mothering and sunning and exploring and reading and resting and biking and camping and recharging and beaching and seeing and doing and living and being.    All things I really need to do.