Eleven Years in the Blink of an Eye

My water broke a month early, as I was standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes.  David was at his first day of his summer internship at a hospital across town, and I didn't even know his phone number yet.  When I finally tracked him down and told him what happened he said, "Are you sure?"  Um, yeah.  Pretty sure. 

Caleb was born three hours later.


I can hardly believe that morning was eleven years ago.  I already feel robbed.  I have less years with Caleb here in our home than I've already had, and that hardly seems like enough.







For his birthday, here are eleven things about my boy.

1.  My friends at work warned me several times that babies are ugly when they're first born, so not to be too disappointed.  When they handed him to me I had never seen anything more beautiful.


2.  He was a breech baby and so I had to have a c-section.  I think this may be the only time in his life he wasn't obedient.

3.  He's a voracious reader.


4.  He doesn't really like sandwiches.  Unless it's roast beef.  Or BLT's.

5.  He swims in an outdoor pool, four days a week, year round, no matter the water temperature, and is a brilliant breaststroker. 

6.  He is a very early riser. 

7.  He likes to eat ice cream first thing in the morning when no one can see him sneaking into the freezer.


8.  He loves to play games.  Of any kind.  At any time.  He drools over the word "strategy."

9.  He is very brave.  And started a new school this year just because he wanted to be challenged, despite all the changes and ribbing (from his neighborhood "friends") that would bring.

10.  He has a tender heart, and often checks up on me to make sure I'm okay.

11.  He wants to be a cook or a scientist when he grows up.  I'm trying to pretend this is not really going to happen.


I love you, Caleb.  You are indeed a "beloved,"  "faithful," "son of enthusiasm."