Word of the Week: Sacrosanct

sacrosanct  /adj. /  very sacred, holy, or inviolable.  not to be entered or trespassed upon.  above or beyond criticism, change, or interference.  blessed.  hallowed.

sacrosanct  /adj./  1.  I wanted to blog yesterday.  I really did.  So much to say, so much to remember, plus a word-of-the-week catch-up.  But my sacrosanct blogging time has become much less so in the last few weeks and yesterday I was doing this:


Digging out from a week of household neglect.

sacrosanct  /adj./  2.   I spent from Wednesday night to Friday night at BYU attending Women's Conference with Tiffany, Kelly and Barb.  I almost didn't go, but the money we had spent on two plane tickets (more on that later) somehow made the trip sacrosanct, and I boarded the plane early Wednesday evening, and met up with my friends at Helaman Halls late Wednesday night.  Can I say how very much I love it that my friends do not change?  Those sacrosanct bonds are still there after all these years, all these miles, all these lifetimes of experiences.  I overheard Kelly talking to another lady about who she was here with, "That's my sister-in-law, and that's one of my best friends."  My heart just about burst.


sacrosanct  /adj./  3.  I love BYU and the memories of my happy, sacrosanct days there are precious to me.  My memories, however did not seem to help us get around campus.  Barb kept reminding us that she was following us because we had spent four years of our lives there, but there were so many changes that I found myself confused more than once.  Kelly and Tiffany and I blamed it on the fact that we had spent very little time on the "athletic side" of campus, but even the bookstore was confusing..."Wow, look at all these books.  I don't remember the bookstore having books before." 


I don't know why this moment was so funny...I was trying to get a self-portrait with "the Y" in the background and hilarity ensued.

sacrosanct  /adj./  4.  We spent Thursday running around campus trying to hit classes and then spent Friday worn-out sitting in the Marriot Center for the day.  I felt filled up in so many ways.  Recharged and ready to do my job again, and do it with more purpose and more love.  I was grateful for the spirit that I felt and the assurances I received from The Spirit that my work as a wife and mother is important, sacrosanct, and possible.  One of my favorite parts was at a scripture reading class when one of the sisters mentioned that her daughter had said, "I want so much for the things I do to be meaningful."  I can so relate to that feeling.  After the conference I feel more equipped to do the meaningful things and to recognize the influence I have.  After I reported to David all that I felt and experienced he remarked, "We need to send you there every year."  Indeed.


sacrosanct  /adj./  5.  I believe in youth conference.  To me, it is one of the best days of the whole year and an absolutely sacrosanct experience in the lives of my young women.   This year was no different.   We took our youth up to the Mogollon Rim and made a 30-mile bike ride to Camp Verde.  There were definitely some hard climbs and a few really nice downhills too (a bit like life), which all worked together to create an incredible, testimony-building experience with our youth.  As I drove home, the tears just streamed down my cheeks, so grateful for the chance to be a part of such an amazing experience, so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.  We were watched over and protected and I felt so blessed to be there.


I look a little too happy at 5:30 in the morning.  What in the world?  I love youth conference.  My talented and ever-helpful sister, Rachel designed our cute t-shirts.  Aren't they fabulous?

sacrosanct  /adj./  6.  After being quite the absentee wife this last week, I am so grateful for the sacrosanct way that David loves and supports me.  I had to get two plane tickets to Women's Conference because of our youth conference and he didn't even roll his eyes.  I came into town about 10 o'clock on Friday night and he ran for ice and coolers and the hamburger buns that I had forgotten.  This was after his afternoon run to Costco for all the perishables.  And before climbing into bed just past 1 a.m.,  he helped me do a quick Powerpoint presentation for the next day's conference.  He is a wonder.  Mostly because he not only just puts up with me, but constantly and completely supports me in my madness.