Service and the First Casualty of Summer

Olivia finished her hat for Sister Bartel, a lady in our ward who is fighting cancer.  She was quite proud of the finished product and even though this hat may be a bit warm given our current season, we hope the thought counts for something. 


When Olivia delivered the hat, Sister Bartel was sleeping.  Her husband said she had had a very difficult night, and I was glad Olivia got to deliver a bit of joy the day after such a rough night.

The girls then made plans to make "a whole box full" of small hats for David to take to the hospital for "all those sweet little babies"  (their words).

Yesterday morning the girls met my mom over at her church building to help with a few humanitarian projects.  They designed quilts and were in the process of making soft, toy balls when Olivia, wielding a pair of sharp scissors, cut off the tip of Savannah's finger.  Savannah tearfully vowed that she is never making balls again.


A bit of trauma and the subsequent drama does not translate well into "service with a smile."  This injury in conjunction with the insult of a middle ear infection has Savannah feeling quite besieged by bad luck and worried about the next 73 days of summer ahead of her.  I can only thank heaven for Children's Tylenol.