Numbers of the Day

I hardly know where to begin this morning.  Last night we had our Laurel Transition dinner for my young women who are graduating next week and this marked the end of a very long firefighting season for me.  The relief of having a very busy and stressful couple of months finally over is making me half giddy, half emotional.  The only thing on the horizon now is Girls' Camp (in less than 3 weeks) and then a couple of blissfully empty summer months.  Here is my current life, by the numbers:

6 school days left.  The light at the end of the tunnel is blinding me.

640,991 words Olivia read this year in the A.R. program.  All thanks to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

3 chin rests Caleb has lost or broken this year.  I'm not buying another one for his concert tonight.

weeks of craziness finally over.  My relief is second only to my husband's. 

1400 gallons of the perfect adrenalin/cortisol combo pumped through my body.  I hope the damage isn't permanent.

10 yoga classes my husband gave me for Mother's Day.  Zen is coming.

4 children who are about to get my undivided attention.  It's about time.

2.7 miles I ran this morning.  shocking, really.

1.29.08  was the expiration date on the yogurt I threw out yesterday morning.  Bridget said, "When was the last time you cleaned out your fridge?"  Apparently it was a while ago.

things on my t0-do list.  I'm trying not to make any sudden movements.