Mother's Day Recap


Mother's Day has come and almost gone. 

I got two naps.  Breakfast in bed, and dinner without lifting a finger.

It was a good day.

I had a little epiphany at church today.  The man that was speaking quoted the First Presidency by saying, "Motherhood is the highest and holiest calling."  And then he said, "I think this means that it is also the hardest."  And I had a little revelation.  Somehow, even though I firmly believe the words about "highest and holiest" with all my heart, I never equated them with blood, sweat, and tears.  I somehow thought my work needed to be more peaceful and perfect and I was falling far below the mark.  Today I see that my work is high, and holy, and hard.  And now I am peaceful.

On Friday, Savannah had a little program in her 1st grade class for Mother's Day.  And yes I got choked up.  Happens every time.  We took a quick self-portrait...note my crown.


And yesterday we had a little Mother's Day celebration for my mom...and the kids swam of course, even though they were blue and shivering by the time they climbed out.  The only downside of a pleasant, "cool" spring is that the pool heats up slower.  I'll take the trade-off of course.


I love being a mother, and especially to these particular children.  They are more than I deserve in every way.