Spring Breaking

Just in time, our spring break has arrived.

Not a moment too soon.

I am headed to California for a few days with the kids to enjoy the beach and a day at Sea World, and then spend a couple of days with our wonderful and old friends in Santa Barbara.  (David kindly drove us over and will spend the day with us tomorrow and then fly back for work...we've been married almost 13 years and I still don't like being separated for long, but it can't be helped.)

On the way over today, I looked in the back of the car and saw every one of the kids out cold.  Savannah slept almost the entire 6-hour drive.  We are all worn out and grateful for the rest.  Hopefully we can spend a lot of empty hours enjoying the sun and waves of Southern California and find the vim and vigor we need to "endure to the end" of the school year.  

I  am quite relieved and thoroughly delighted to be spring breaking.