Happy Leap Day!


Clearly I meant to do this post yesterday.  It's the thought that counts, right?

I had good intentions all day, but even with an "extra" 24-hours, it didn't happen.  And I just ran out of steam last night.  David and I rented "To Catch a Thief" and I only made it to the scene where the housekeeper drives away in Cary Grant's car to fool the police before I was asleep.  This happens 3.7 minutes into the film.   Good grief.

Though I hate having an extra day (I barely make it through 365 of them), it does give me some comfort that the universe has to "fudge things a bit,"  just like me.  "Oh, that didn't quite work.  Well, we'll just tack on an extra day here"...sounds like my quilting, my budgeting, my home improvement projects, my mothering, my wife-ing.  And even this post...we'll just tack on nine more hours and it'll be fine.