Word of the Week: Inimically

inimically: /adv./  acting unfriendly, hostile.  injurious or harmful in effect.  hurtfully.  unfavorably.  perniciously.  detrimentally. 

inimically /adv./  1.  At our house we have a division of labor.  I do the inside work, and I help David with the outside work.  Huh?  Ugh.  I come from a long line of amazing, green-thumbed gardeners, but I have nothing but inimical feelings towards my yard, and all the work out there that never gets done.  Our year-round growing season makes me crazy.  And somehow the yard is always last on my priority list.  But occasionally, the weeds begin to get utterly ridiculous, and I start imagining dirty looks from the neighbors, and I know "it's time."  On Saturday, grumbling inimically and cursing the fall and the noxious weeds and briars and all that, I organized the troops and we headed out to make our yard presentable.  Mission accomplished.  It is just barely "presentable."


inimically  /adv./  2.  David and I have a standing Friday night date.  And it's not what you think.  Every Friday night at 8:30 we watch the McLaughlin Group fight it out.  We're junkies.  (And maybe, dorks.)  Always entertaining,  sometimes informative, inevitably random and loud, we love it.  From John McLaughlin's interruptions of, "WRONG!"  to Eleanor Clift screaming "Excuse Me!" and Pat Buchanan prefacing everything with, "Look, John..." we enjoy a very lively roundtable regarding the week's political news.  And the thing is, no matter how inimically they go after each other they never take it personally, and deep down you can tell they might even like each other.   After last Friday's usual raucous discussion, David looked at me and said, "They're crazy."  Well.  Yes.  And also, for me, the only bright spot in the current political landscape.


inimically  /adv./  3.  Caleb is winding up his science fair experiments and we have all been shocked to discover that Purell Hand Sanitizer does not behave inimically to germs at all!  He found absolutely no change in the growth of the bacteria on his hands after using Purell.  (I'll spare you those pictures.  Dis.gus.ting.)  I have quite happily believed for some time that I was killing germs left and right as I freely dolled out this stuff to my kids.  This is, sadly, not the case.  So we're back to soap and water around here.


inimically  /adv./  4.  And speaking of bacteria (I'm starting to feel like a need to make this a new category), at the end of last week, Olivia showed me what I thought was a spider bite on her lower leg.  I told her we would just watch it for a few days and it would be okay.  But by Saturday it was a huge, red, puss-filled, angry, inimical blister, and I could see that whatever once was, it was now clearly infected.  I took her to the doctor on Monday, concerned about MRSA and other serious complications.  He was concerned as well.  So after culturing it, he put her on a full-course of "the only out-patient antibiotics that are working on this stuff" (his words).  And we are crossing our fingers that it will work on this very inimically disposed bacteria.