The Death of Ambition

I had big plans for this week.  Perfect plans.

Things did not go as planned.  Last night, LATE, I finished the project I was going to finish on Tuesday.  And this was only with the help of my husband, who could smell the breakdown coming, I think.

The invitations for Quilt Retreat are done...and cute (a bonus!).  Well, maybe not for you scrapbookers out there, but for me...a very good effort.

IMG_0644.jpg IMG_0645.jpg

And last night, LATE, I was still making lists and thinking of everything I would quickly accomplish this morning so that our weekend plans would not be "ruined," but I woke up bleary-eyed and sore-throated and completely sapped of ambition and will to do any of it.   My list included a number of "have to's" and a couple of "if there's time to's."  Right now I'm blogging and my laundry hasn't been started.  I guess you can tell which end of the list I started from.

Truth be told, the death of ambition has led to the birth of rebellion and maybe even a smidge of revolution.  All the people in my house left for their various activities this morning assuring themselves that I would "take care of everything."  Liberals, all of them.  My husband will be shocked and horrified to learn this about himself, but there it is.


Well.  I'm off to shower.  Are you shocked to learn that this is on the "if there's time to" end of the list?  Sad, but true.   A little revolution now and then is a good thing.