The Universal Language of Craft

I do not know Japanese.

But apparently, craft, is a universal language.

Because I figured out how to make these:


I know.  Can you believe how unbelievably sweet they are?

To add to your amazement, let me just remind you that the instructions were in Japanese.  I asked David a dozen times last night, "Can you believe how amazing I am?"  He said he cannot.  And when he asked how long it took me, I cleverly changed the subject.

I have been without a car the last couple of days (and again today), and I'm finally making some progress on my homemade gift list.

The dolls are going to have a memorable Christmas.

(I blindfolded her so as not to spoil the surprise.  Seriously, look at that kiwi.)

And to add to all this joy, this was the view as I was taking David to work this morning.  Incredible clouds for this part of the country.