When Your Husband's Team Loses

The gorgeous (I mean it!) apple pie I baked became a

consolation pie

and it came in handy.

In the end we decided to cut our losses and really celebrate the passing of all the propositions about marriage between a man and a woman.  Best campaign work I did all season.

Other things in my life right now include:

1.  I have continued to have a string of very bad dreams.  Last night was the fifth one in a row.  David suggested maybe it is something I'm eating.  So I'm swearing off chocolate...luckily we are down to the dregs of the Halloween candy.  Just a few tootsie rolls and smarties and milk duds in the bottom of the bowl now.

2.  In the last week, two people have called and asked me to speak in their wards or stakes in November.  My mind is now busily pondering in all my quiet moments.  You should hear the sermons CIM can preach during a good bathroom cleaning.  These invitations also make me wish (again) that I had a direct pipeline to heaven, and wish (again and again) that I was better at receiving revelation.

3.  We are still slogging through the aerospace project.  Are you sick of hearing about that yet?  We've come down now to the write-up and building the actual model.  Yeah, that's all.  Sheesh.  I'm trying to figure out a way to create a little motor to rotate our space station, but since my hobbies include reading and quilting and not battery power or combustible engines, I'm coming up blank.  Shocking, no?  Just building the model to scale is enough to make me itchy. 

4.  My aunt Jill sent me the cutest thank you gift ever and I'm going to post a picture of it soon.  But when I was in Houston I left my book, my phone charger, and my camera battery charger in the room.  Good night.  So they are sending them to me.  Slowly, apparently.  I only have a sliver of battery left and I'm saving it for the darling haircut Savannah is getting this afternoon. 

(I guess that will do for now.  My kids are coming in the door.  They are mine again.)

Wow, this was random.  Perhaps last night's loss dealt more of a blow than I thought.