My Life by the (Metric) Numbers. So There.

Note:  Please be advised that CIM wrote this all by herself.  RIM is already telling me that I will regret it in the morning.

Tonight I read that the "representative habitation module" for the space station needs to be "to scale (metric)."  I told David, "I have no idea what that means." 

So there.

But here's my life by the numbers, metric and otherwise:

In the last 3 weeks

I've been to Home Depot at least 10 times,

and Target only once.

Which is just plain weird.

(Today I thought, "I'll just walk around Home Depot and see if there is anything that might be helpful."  Which is also just plain weird.  Weirder still, I found what I was looking for.  So there.)

I have 1

30-40 minute talk to give tomorrow night

and 0 idea of what to say.

I do know that Caleb's space station designed for 100 people

is 5,090 meters squared

and will need about 2 billion liters of air

and 8,030 kilograms of potatoes,

but still 0 idea of what information might be useful to a roomful of faithful women. 

So there.

(Those last two lines just took the wind out of my sails.  I've lost my belligerence.  When I started this post I had a good head of steam going.  But now I'm just feeling small and scared.)

But I'm going to rally.  Here goes:

The good news is that the 83 cm-in-diameter space station

is actually now rotating at 2 rpms all by itself,

and I have 36 hours before I have to think about it again.

And also (in regards to the talk and not the space station),

that the Lord has never, not once,

left me alone.

So there.