Breathing a Sigh of Relief

David is making us cinnamon rolls (from a tube) and a couple of cups of hot chocolate.

(He's a peach.)

And I am breathing a sigh of relief.

I just finished speaking at Stake Standards Night.  After weeks of thinking and praying, and days of nerves (even RIM was starting to sound crazy!), I am so happy to have it done.

I said, "Let's eat some pie.  We need to celebrate."

But there was no pie, so we're making do.

I love my husband.

He has put up with my fussing for days.  I've been restlessly rolling around our bed for the last couple of mornings, nudging him awake with my nervous energy.  And this morning at church I buried my head in his shoulder and bit him I was so nervous.  He didn't even flinch.  At any of it.

As for the reviews:

David said it was "so good."  And he's the only one I care about anyway.  I like to imagine him sitting out there in the congregation thinking how lucky he is, "Hmmm, cute and clever.  I totally scored."

Or something like that.

Actually, his grin at the end was really just that...a grin for the end...of this particular "crisis."  Bless him, a thousand times over.

Now just one more speaking assignment and a miniature space station to create and power, and I will be back to "normal." 

Ha.  RIM is heartily scoffing at that.