Get This Girl a "To-Do-List"

My Christmas decorations are not up.

Savannah informed us all at dinner, with utter disgust in her voice, that she is the ONLY person in her class who doesn't have their tree up.  By the time she got done telling us of this tragedy, the disgust had changed to tremulous sorrow.

My Christmas card is not written.

David "casually" said, "So, what are you...ah...thinking about writing this year?"  This is his way of trying to reign me in without stepping on the "creative-artist-at-work" land mine.  (Seriously, you don't want to be married to me.) 

Young Women's is forever needing something...this week it's a new counselor, a combined activity, and a lesson on Sunday.  I have not started working on any of these things.

And the list goes on.

But instead of doing any of these happy and worthwhile projects, yesterday I decided to put up curtains in the toy room and make a couple of pillows for the couch.


We have lived in our house for over two years.  But yesterday was the day.  Smack dab in the middle of the Christmas bustle, I'm making a cornice box for the toy room.  Plus pillows.

I've had the styrofoam for the cornice box sitting in my garage for over six months.  But yesterday was the day.  Thought I'd just whip that up.  Nothing else going on.

My sister Rachel said (speaking of crazy-inside-me), "I thought you weren't going to let her out anymore."

I said, "Yeah.  I wasn't."

I do think the little green pom-poms are darling though.