Word of the Week: Liberally

Liberally /adv./ 1.  I love to make apple pie and I consider it one of my gifts.  The secret:  three kinds of apples (one of which must be Granny Smith and one of which must be Golden Delicious) liberally piled so that your top crust climbs at least four inches above the top of your pie plate.  A mountain of sweet, apple-ly goodness.  I also eat these pies liberally (another gift)...it is good for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with snacks in-between...I can't let my blood sugar drop too low, you know.


Liberally /adv./ 2.  We found out this month, once again, how very liberally the Lord has blessed us.  We copied Annalisa's idea and made a chain of thankful leaves, adding to it every night.   When I announced the "last night" all the kids begged to continue it through the end of November.  I gave in.


 Some of my favorite "leaves" were:

"I am thankful for food."  (This was found several times in the chain...when I told them to think of something besides food, I got lots of variations like "breakfast" and "mom's cooking."  Apparently I'm not the only one with blood sugar issues.)

"I am thankful for cheese.  P.S.  I love you."  (I'm not sure if the "I love you" was directed at the cheddar or the gouda, but...)

"I am thankful to be a Primary teacher."  (I told him so.)

"I am thankful for the sacrament."  (I am humbled by my own son, every day.)

Liberally /adv./ 3.  I am most thankful for my Savior's constant goodness.  His love and grace liberally offered are always extended "in a generous manner,  openhandedly, munificently,  unstintingly, freely and generously."  He is truly my fount of every blessing. I cannot adequately express the depth of my gratitude, so I offer this song instead.  It says what I cannot.