A Post to Peppermint

No, not the candy.

But everything else.  I love all things peppermint.

The Patty.


My favorite line from last night's holiday special:  "Let's not play games, Chuck."  She is so fabulous.


The Shampoo and Lotion.

pBBW1-3137667v194.jpg  pBBW1-3137675t144.jpg

Last year, my good friend Merri gave me this combination for Christmas.  I LOVE it.   Bath and Body Works only makes it at Christmas time, though, so you better stock up.  I went back for more in February and was inconsolable.  The shampoo makes my brain tingle every morning.  I'm so happy it's back in my shower.  As for the lotion...I love smelling like candy and winter and snow.  Once when I was wearing it at church, I heard the lady in front of me whisper, "Something smells delicious! What is that?" I thought, "It's  me!"   I grinned all through the meeting. 


And my new find:  The Method "Peppermint-Vanilla" Fragrance.


I love Method products, the "people against dirty."  I found these refills for their air freshners and they are, happily, the perfect holiday scent.  Not too cloying and thankfully, not piney, which drives me crazy.  I just found out they make a countertop cleaner in this same flavor.  I've got to get to Target.