52 Blessings: Week 1

Week 1.

This picture was taken on one of those rare, perfect days.  We were together.  Out of school and off work and together.  We laced up our skates and tentatively tip-toed out onto the ice.  But eventually, found our ice legs and joyfully made our way around the ice.  I was so grateful for these hours of freedom and abandon, with nowhere to go but around and around.  And around again.  Finding my balance as I fought for balance on my blades, and revelling in the red cheeks and bright eyes of my children.  There are too few of these kind of days in my life, with no lists and no clocks and no rushing and no outside world at all until the zamboni nudged us off the ice.  The greatest blessing of my week was being a child again while holding the mittened hands of my beautiful children, as our skates cut tracks in the frozen ice. 

I wish I had a river I could skate away on with these five. 

I would teach my feet to fly.