52 Blessings: Week 27

Week 27.  Predictably late.


One of the greatest blessings of my week was the few hours David and I spent with Sara and Gary on Wednesday night.  We went to dinner and "got caught up" and again found ourselves in the middle of a friendship that is always current.  David and Gary were boyhood friends.  David can't remember a time when they weren't.  I feel so blessed to have been loved by these two people who loved David first, and readily welcomed me into their lives when David and I started dating.  Sometimes I forget that I wasn't there at the beginning because it just feels so incredibly comfortable and eternal.  It is such a blessing to be loved just as I am, to even laugh with them about my foibles and regrets.  These very good friends help me to remember to not take myself so seriously (including my "sorrows and sufferings"), and what a true blessing that is.