52 Blessings: Week 18

Week 18.



This week was really just one big blessing.  But if I had to find just one moment that touched my  heart the most, it would be this one:  Early on Saturday morning (about 5:27 a.m.) I was on my bike headed to the church.  As I neared the church, I looked up the street and saw two more bikers in bright, lime green shirts headed towards me.  I cannot adequately describe how my heart filled to overflowing to see those faithful, obedient youth on their way to our youth conference.  I told David that I felt like Brigham Young must have felt  as he watched the first wagons roll down Parley Street out of Nauvoo.  I was so grateful for my young women who follow me without question.  They just go.  They just do.  Even if it's hard, they just climb on their bikes and ride.  I am so grateful for their tender show of obedience and trust.  I think they are marvelous and my heart just burst wide open at the sight of them coming down the road on this early May morning.