52 Blessings: Week 21

Week 21.


This picture says it all for me.  I can't look at it without a lump in my throat.  The deluge of blessings I felt in this moment was overwhelming and soul deep.  The rain, the incredible spring-like temperatures, the last day of school, my last pick-up at the bus stop until August, the joy in my boy's heart to be free and clear for 80 glorious days, all settled around me in one joyful, blissful moment.  And I felt it:  reprieve, relief, the downhill after an uphill slog I didn't think I could do.   I felt the mercy of my Heavenly Father as clearly as I felt the rain on my cheeks.  A downpour of blessings...the rain (a true blessing on any day) and my kids home again, all of us free to "just be" together again.  I was so grateful this week to have made it to the top of a long hill and enjoy this first, joyous moment of descent.