52 Blessings: Week 11

Week 11.


This week's blessing came as a bit of a surprise to me.  As I was sitting in the doctor's office filling out Caleb's paperwork, I was suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude for my good husband's good job and especially (this week) for the medical insurance that protects our family.  As I filled in "all the blanks" and thought about this great blessing, my heart just started thumping away and I had to close my eyes and say a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving.  I am so grateful and touched by the way David provides this security for all his "dependents," my precious children (and me), the feeling of safekeeping and protection this gives me, and the realization that I hardly ever even think about or acknowledge this "quiet umbrella."  My gratitude was confirmed again when, after seeing the best pediatrician in the world, I drove to the pharmacy to fill three prescriptions that only cost me $21.  This week I am so grateful for this little card and all it represents.