52 Blessings: Week 52

Week 52.

This entry is the last one in the project for this year.  I spent a grateful hour on Sunday afternoon reading through the other 51 entries, remembering, and giving even more thanks for a seemingly charmed life.  The truth is my life is equal parts joy and sorrow, equal parts easy and hard, equal parts drudgery and bliss.  But this project has given me new eyes for seeing the beauty and grace of every day, for finding the gold in the sand, as it were. (I keep coming back to that.)  I am filled with gratitude for the exercise itself.  The more I tried to look for blessings, the more I found.  The more I looked for the hand of the Lord, the more I saw it.  By the end of each week, the hard part was always choosing just one blessing to record.  This revelation is a gift in itself.  And I’m convinced that this way of seeing changed my year, for the better.  The greatest blessing of my week came as I read through week after week of grace and blessing, a whole year’s worth, and saw my life from a distance for what it really is…a gift.  All of it, a gift.  Straight from heaven.

I take these new eyes with me, into the next 52 weeks.  And I don’t know that there could be a better blessing that that.