52 Blessings: Week 40

Week 40.  (This picture was taken in front of Lucy Mack Smith's kitchen sink this summer.)   

This week I was so grateful for the words springing up towards eternal life that were given at General Conference.  My heart has been full of worry and concern over the state of our economy, our political leaders, the looming last days, and the wickedness in my own heart.  And so I was especially grateful for the talk given by Elder Holland on Saturday afternoon.  It was a balm on my troubled, aching, hard heart.  It was the answer I had been praying for.  And it touched me deeply.   His talk reassured me that heaven is always very close, and that His help is always very near.  This was the living water I came thirsting for, reassurance and a call to be more angelic.  These words were the best blessing of my week and my cup was filled to overflowing.  In many ways I think the worries of women are universal.  In my mind I can see the scenes changing, from the well, to Lucy's soapstone sink, to my well-lit kitchen, and always the ever-present need for water, to wash our children and make our bread and clean our clothes.  And though my water runs right into my house, hot or cold, I have the same deep need for help and guidance and salvation that these women had, to make my "daily trips to the well" worth the work and to give me the strength and courage for the lifting and carrying and balancing this earth life requires.   As much as I need the water, I need the words even more.