Monday Morning, Mid-November

I've got Olivia home today working on her Reuben Land impression again.  (Will this allusion ever get old?  Not for me, apparently.)

She's making good progress on the likeness, and had me so convinced last night that I was almost scared enough to head to the hospital.

Dr. James, brilliant man, said that she can stay with me until she can move a kleenex across the room with her breath.  So far she can't even get it to twitch, which should give us enough time to make good progress on the holiday movie collection.  He gave us a grocery cart full of prescriptions and now she and I are running the nebulizer like clockwork.

The weekend came and went with the usual mix of play and worship and a surprising lack of the usual chores.  On Saturday afternoon Caleb had a violin recital in which he made both Bach and his grandparents proud.  On Sunday we attended sacrament meeting in my parents' ward as my dad was made bishop.  Afterwards we joined my brothers and sister and their families at the homestead for lunch.  A delightful preview to next week when we will gather again to break bread together and the rest of my siblings will join us.  I can't wait. 

I have been madly trying to finish my applique section on our round robin project in order to pass it on to my lovely and talented (and patient) sister-in-law.  I'm only ten days late, and by my count I only have twenty hours left to finish.  It is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen and can hardly stand not to publish a picture of it for your enjoyment, but there are no reveals until next April, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  (Make a note of my incredible willpower.)  It has been a good reminder that there is almost nothing I like better than handwork.

Well, I am off to administer meds, rotate the laundry another spot, and change the sheets.  And maybe find a sunny corner for a short nap.  It was a long night, interrupted by wheezy little gasps at the foot of my bed. 

Killing Off Valdez

Yesterday I woke up early, before the alarm, before David, before Caleb even.

I could hear Olivia breathing from the family room.

It's that time of year again. 

The time when our nebulizer gets put through it's paces and really starts earning its keep.  Last night when I was going to bed the ten o'clock news told me not to worry, because those people who have died from the H1N1 flu all had underlying causes like asthma. 


Lungs are not my family's strong point. 

I am surrounded by Reuben Lands.  I imagine myself as Swede by the way.  Is that reaching?  Oh well.  I can't help myself.  I just about die of love when she starts banging on the walls.  I suppose instead I ought to wish I was Reuben's dad and could produce a miracle whenever I needed one.  It is very likely we may need one before this winter is over.